I have a pair of Mary Jane-styled Manolo Blahnik pumps in bubblegum pink patent leather.  Unabashedly sexy, and supremely suited to their purpose.  Just pulling them out of the closet puts a smile on my face.  Wearing them makes me happy all day long and sparks conversations everywhere I go.

My new MacBook Air is a lot like those precocious shoes. Guaranteed to garner glances of admiration, it makes working a pleasure.  Of course it’s not my primary system, or even my primary notebook.  I don’t expect it to do everything they do, not any more than I’d expect those fabulous pink patent pumps to stand in for my basic black heels. They’re not even the only pair of pink shoes I own.  The MacBook Air and the bubblegum Blahniks were both designed for a particular purpose, and each one fulfills its unique role in a way nothing that attempts to be something-for-everyone ever could.

Neither one was purchased on a whim. Like the shoes, the MacBook Air is the perfect accessory for something else. Something that was the driving force behind the accessory buy. Oddly enough, I didn’t really want a Mac at all.  I wanted Scrivener, a piece of software for writers that only runs on Mac.  Scanning the Mac display at my local Apple store, it was abundantly clear that only the Air would meet my need for fluid creativity and uber-portability.

Everyone I asked tried to talk me out of the MacBook Air and into the more practical MacBook Pro.  What they just don’t understand and probably never will, is that sometimes I just want to dance through my day in a pair of pretty pink patent leather shoes.

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2 Responses to “MacGorgeous”

  1. Irene on August 11th, 2008 11:56 am

    Yes, the Air is a little bit like a piece of beautiful jewelry you covet but don’t absolutely need. A nice indulgence if you can rationalize it. Guess I need to look into that software 🙂

  2. Suzanne on June 19th, 2009 4:20 am

    Considering that I am in Jerusalem BORROWING your sleek MacBook Air at this very moment, I must admit that I would love to have one of my own to tuck into the little bag of tricks I reach for as I dash out each day! Great size and speedy, just what I needed this morning to catch up with the last few days of my life (as we are half a world away from our regular abodes.) What size are your bubblegums? Perhaps those are something else I could borrow? Love from your shoe hound gal pal…

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