Cell with benefits

vertu-cell.jpgNon-verbal cell phone communication. An oxymoron? Not anymore.

Vertu’s Signature Diamond Phone speaks volumes, even when you set it to silent. For starters, it’s a world-class accessory, crafted in the haute joaillerie tradition. Averaging 7.2 carats, the phone contains 923 precious stones—a combination of pink diamonds, pink sapphires and rubies—and takes a skilled craftsman a full month to hand set.

That button? Oh, that’s the 24/7 global concierge service, ready to book everything from your restaurant reservations to private jet transport. And one more click will back up your data to ultra-secure servers maintained in an ex-military bunker in the U.K.

Made to order, the sticker price on this rose gold beauty is $73,000. Those who prefer a more subtle statement can lop off a zero and still get one of Vertu‘s exceptionally engineered models, sans stones.

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Scullery chic

twos-company-gloves.jpgIf you have to do dishes, you might as well do them in style. Yes, you can look fabulous while doing the dishes with these darling dishwashing gloves from Two’s Company. These couture rubber gloves come in red, black or blue, and are paired with white fabric ruffle prints, making it almost fun to take care of the household chores.

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