Fabulous @ The Regent

Last night, while waiting for the valet to return my car at The Regent Bal Harbour, I was chatting with a hotel staff member.  A minute or two into our conversation, he asked if he could get me something to drink.  When I requested water, he returned with a chilled bottle of Voss, one of my favorite still waters.  It was such a lovely gesture, and made me feel that their guests are truly cared for every moment of every day.  Congratulations to GM Guenter Richter for assembling a staff that never misses an opportunity to make guests feel genuinely at home.  I look forward to experiencing an overnight stay at this newly-opened property.  And I was thrilled to hear that Chef Mark Militello will be in the kitchen at the hotel’s 1 Bleu, starting this weekend.


I have a pair of Mary Jane-styled Manolo Blahnik pumps in bubblegum pink patent leather.  Unabashedly sexy, and supremely suited to their purpose.  Just pulling them out of the closet puts a smile on my face.  Wearing them makes me happy all day long and sparks conversations everywhere I go.

My new MacBook Air is a lot like those precocious shoes. Guaranteed to garner glances of admiration, it makes working a pleasure.  Of course it’s not my primary system, or even my primary notebook.  I don’t expect it to do everything they do, not any more than I’d expect those fabulous pink patent pumps to stand in for my basic black heels. They’re not even the only pair of pink shoes I own.  The MacBook Air and the bubblegum Blahniks were both designed for a particular purpose, and each one fulfills its unique role in a way nothing that attempts to be something-for-everyone ever could.

Neither one was purchased on a whim. Like the shoes, the MacBook Air is the perfect accessory for something else. Something that was the driving force behind the accessory buy. Oddly enough, I didn’t really want a Mac at all.  I wanted Scrivener, a piece of software for writers that only runs on Mac.  Scanning the Mac display at my local Apple store, it was abundantly clear that only the Air would meet my need for fluid creativity and uber-portability.

Everyone I asked tried to talk me out of the MacBook Air and into the more practical MacBook Pro.  What they just don’t understand and probably never will, is that sometimes I just want to dance through my day in a pair of pretty pink patent leather shoes.

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Spa shop to the rescue

LV Train CaseI know it’s for my own good. But I still haven’t gotten used to the 3-1-1 TSA carry-on requirements.

A girl likes what she likes, and my various lotions and potions don’t all meet the one-baggie-fits-all requirement. So this morning when I was in the throes of my packing madness, I neglected to pack my face wash. It’s over the three ounce limit, you see. So it should have traveled in my checked luggage. But splitting up my necessaries into two batches is a pain in the derrière and I invariably forget something.

By now, you’d think the cosmetic companies would have figured out that selling travel-sized versions of their skin care lines makes good business sense. But they haven’t. So I, for one, am still revamping my packing strategy. The bottom line: my face wash didn’t make the trip to Colorado.

So, when I unpacked my Louis case at the fabulous Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, I discovered my faux pas and headed to the spa shop for reinforcements.

I love spa shops. I love seeing all the fabulous goodies that they have. It’s not your everyday stuff. Somehow spa managers find the really sweet things that you just don’t see at ordinary shops. Of course I found a replacement face wash—YonKa’s Gel Nettoyant—but I also picked up a few things to help me navigate the TSA maze more effectively next time I fly.

Pitotubes are the best way I’ve seen yet to be sure you have your personal favorites with you when you arrive—and that they haven’t leaked en route. Designed by a former flight attendant, these classy little dispensers are as well designed as they are beautiful. And they allow you to use your cosmetic counter faves rather than settle for drug store brand toiletries. The travel kit contains six tubes—two each of 1.7 oz, 1.0 oz, & .5 oz. sizes—and comes in a sparkly silver mesh zippered pouch. Kits include cute little labels to help you identify what’s what.

The aspens are still glorious here, their golden leaves shimmering in the gentle lakefront breeze. It’s no surprise then that my eyes were drawn to the display shelf that housed The GOLD Collection by Linden Leaves. This New Zealand body care line was included in the celeb goodie bag at this year’s Emmys. Gold has long been a symbol of decadence, luxury and sophistication. Ancient civilizations attributed healing properties to pure gold and often included gold in cosmetic preparations and medicinal remedies. This line combines the highest quality ingredients with pure 23K gold. My favorite: the Gold Shimmer Dust Brush. Deliciously decadent shimmer dust to brush over your body, face or hair to impart a subtly alluring glow.

And just when I thought I was ready to ring up, I spotted a must-have happy hour tonic. Virtual Buddha by Elixir Tonics is just what I needed to banish those TSA blues. This peach flavored concentrate mixes with still or sparkling water to promote peaceful, serene feelings. Om…

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Good vibrations


I’m pickin’ up good vibrations
She’s giving me excitations
Good, good, good—
good vibrations!

Surf’s up in Hawaii. But you won’t need a surfboard to catch this wave. Just follow Rebecca Goff. She’s got all the right moves, and she’ll be sure to get you out there where the Big Boys play. Whales just want to have fun. Tons of fun.

Rebecca is a marine naturalist, and she’ll treat you to AquaCranial Therapy—a spa treatment she developed while studying the behavior and movement of marine mammals. It’s done in the water, using John Upledger’s craniosacral massage technique. Incorporating precise and gentle touches to improve the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds your brain and spinal cord, she’ll apply gentle pressure to the bones of your skull and along the lenth of your spine to facilitate your body’s natural healing process. The movement of the ocean’s waves and currents further accentuates her cranial sacral strokes.

During whale watching season, Rebecca—an active member of the Pacific Whale Foundation, a non-profit conservation program to protect Hawaii’s marine life—takes her clients out into the ocean to perform the therapy up-close-and-personal (how close is close, Rebecca?) with the whales. Their underwater vibrations are considered very healing for humans, further enhancing the benefits of AquaCranial Therapy. Contact Pure Maui for reservations.

Great call

refereeSo, who decides what’s fabulous?

I do! And because I’ve been identifying fabulous finds for years and years, you can trust my recommendations. Mostly, we’ll dish about food, wine, travel, and spas. Because that’s what I know best. On occasion, we’ll go off topic and talk about completely fabulous finds in other areas, like shopping, shoes, and Shih Tzus.

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